V-H 150 seculift safety lifting device with safety check function and IoT option

With improved user-friendliness, an intuitive control concept, and the option to connect as an IoT connection option, the V-H 150 seculift not only expands the range of functions available for vertical-horizontal glass handling. It also offers an even higher level of safety for day-to-day work on cutting systems, furnaces, and laminating lines.

Enhanced safety and functionality for glass handling (tilting, setting down, and placement)

The cutting-edge control technology and sensors continuously monitor lifting safety, the pressure supply, and the vacuum in the suction cups. If the load measurement or vacuum check returns inconsistent results, a signal sounds to alert the operator, which reliably prevents accidents. For maximum operator safety, the device regularly prompts a suction and function test. Thanks to the IoT connection option, it is possible to call up information such as the device’s current status, daily load cycles, alerts, and the results of the safety check via an app, for example.


  • Pneumatically tilting suction frame 0 - 90°
  • Safety check function for maximum safety standards; regular suction and function tests
  • Cutting-edge control technology continuously measures load, lifting safety, pressure supply, and suction power
  • Operator alerted when load is too heavy. All movement except for setting down is stopped immediately
  • Operated via touch panel and two joysticks
  • Ergonomic design
  • Clear field of view
  • Built-in compressed air optimisation reduces energy consumption by 75%
  • Max. load capacity 150 kg

Functional description

In order to maintain the strictest of safety standards at the workplace, the device schedules a complete functional test for one work cycle every eight hours or at a custom-defined interval. This check is performed using a dedicated user interface. The system guides the operator through the process step by step. Each step is displayed in detail on the screen when complete and the test’s execution is documented. If the test is completed successfully, a countdown to the next test begins. Otherwise, or if the device fails the test, the device is locked to prevent normal operation.

Configurable options

IOT connection IoT connection
HEGLA Shopfloor App App connection
Marking laser Marking laser
RAL colour of your choiceSpecial coating
IOT connection

HEGLA Shopfloor App

Marking laser

RAL colour of your choice

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