Automated rotary suction device

The Turnlift motorised rotary suction device has been specially developed for picking up, rotating, and setting down glass on vertical glass processing machines. Compared to manipulators with manual rotation, the Turnlift’s electric motors enable it to handle larger and heavier glass items weighing up to 350 kg.


  • Motorised rotary suction device with infinitely rotating suction frame (360°)
  • Suction device for use on vertical glass processing machines such as grinding machines (lifting, lowering, and rotating)
  • Perfect for use in chain and cable hoists or indoor cranes
  • ‘Lift-Lower’ chain hoist activation integrated into the control panel
  • Vacuum gauge as a control indicator
  • Vacuum generation using compressed air supplied via an ejector and a holding valve at each suction plate

Functional description

The Turnlift is ideal for use in chain and cable hoists or indoor cranes. All its functions (lifting, lowering, and rotating) can be controlled via the user-friendly control panel. The operating vacuum is generated at each suction plate using compressed air, via an ejector and a holding valve. Even in the event of a sudden compressed air failure, the rotary suction device provides a high degree of safety and can maintain the vacuum long enough to set down the pane safely. Optional: Turnlift with detachable operating panel or, alternatively, radio control for the suction/release/rotate functions