Pane and window handling in shipping, production, and the workshop

The vacuum suction devices in the Hubfix series are the all-round talents for the vertical lifting, transport, and holding of panes and one- or two-casement window and structural elements. The suction device is suspended from the hook of a swivel arm or craneway, connected to a compressed air port, and is immediately ready for use.

Pane and window handling

Hubfix suction devices for windows, panes, and structural elements

Whether it’s a pane offset, mullions in a window, or flat surface, Hubfix suction devices are suitable for virtually any purpose and a range of materials. Thanks to flexibly positionable suction plates, the FG-1 and FG-2 can flexibly and safely lift, move, and hold small or large formats, and even narrow rectangular shapes. The Hubfix 1D complete device is ideal in workshops for window glazing or handling residual panes and residual sheets.


  • Vacuum lifter for pane and window handling in shipping, production, and workshops;
  • Rotating suction frame for manually turning loads;
  • Suction plates can be shifted in increments (design F-G);
  • Vacuum metre as control display for high level of operating safety;
  • Vacuum generation thanks to compressed air via ejector;
  • Pressure reduction with display;
  • Complete device with chain hoist (design 1D);
  • Chain hoist optional;
  • Low-maintenance technology in robust design

Functional description

The suction devices in the Hubfix series are suspended in a crane hook, connected to a compressed air port, and are immediately ready for use. At the press of a button, a vacuum is generated to safely lift the required load, hold it in position, transport it vertically, and even turn it.

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