Isofix pillar-guided handling device

The pillar-guided handling devices of the Isofix series combine the benefits of guided handling. The torsion-resistant aluminium column ensures a high level of motion stability, load guidance and positioning accuracy. The Isofix devices feature a wide range of functions, such as lifting, tilting, inclining, and rotating.

High motion stability thanks to pillar guidance

The vacuum is generated using compressed air supplied via an ejector at each suction plate. A press of a button is all it takes to reliably generate the vacuum required to lift the glass so it can be safely moved or held in position. The holding valves included as standard provide additional protection. Even in the event of a sudden loss of compressed air, the vacuum can be maintained for long enough to set down the pane safely.



  • Column-guided lifter with high motion stability
  • Vacuum lifter for vertical handling (lifting, tilting, inclining, rotating)
  • Pneumatic tilting (0° – 90°) and rotating function (0° – 90°) plus infinite horizontal rotation in an aluminium lift pipe
  • Vacuum gauge as monitoring display
  • Vacuum generated using compressed air supplied via ejector and holding valve at each suction plate
  • No manual shut-off of individual suction plates required

Functional description

The Isofix is mounted and connected to the compressed air supply using a lightweight craneway or a pillar jib crane with a double jib. It can then be put to use straight away as a user-friendly option for picking up and tilting glass sheets and panels and rotating them through 90 degrees. The vacuum lifter’s vacuum is generated at the press of a button, allowing the object that needs to be lifted to be gripped, lifted, held in position or transported by the suction devices.