Vertical-horizontal glass handling with V-H glass vacuum lifters

The suction devices in the V-H series were specifically developed for vertical transport, glass loaders, and horizontal placement of glass on frames, for example. With its high levels of functionality and user friendliness, the V-H lifters have proven their effectiveness in cutting systems, furnaces, and laminating lines. As soon as the suction device is suspended from an indoor crane or a lightweight craneway and connected to a compressed air port, the vacuum lifter is immediately ready for use in handling panes.

Glass handling with V-H suction devices

The safe glass suction device for the tilting, setting down, and placement of glass.

The suction frames of the V-H glass lifters can be tilted up to 90 degrees from the vertical to horizontal position. The tilting function is pneumatic and intermediate positions can be freely selected. For high variability and flexibility, the suction devices on the side are adjustable to enable large or long, narrow formats to be lifted, held, and transported.


  • Vacuum lifter for the lifting, transport, and horizontal setting down or vertical placement of glass and IG-units;
  • The suction frame can be tilted up to 90 degrees from the vertical to the horizontal position;
  • Pneumatic tilting function with infinitely adjustable intermediate positions;
  • Suction plate variably adjustable to different sizes;
  • Vacuum metre as control display for high operating safety;
  • Safety interlock (grip/release);
  • Vacuum generation thanks to compressed air via ejector;
  • Pressure reduction device with display

Functional description

To use the suction devices in the V-H series, simply suspend them from the crane hook, swivel arm, or lightweight craneway, connect the compressed air, and it is immediately ready for user-friendly application. With the press of a button, a vacuum is generated. The suction devices use it to fix the glass in position for lifting, holding in position, or transporting.