Akkufix Type A vacuum lifter

The cordless suction devices in the Akkufix series are independent and mobile. Two built-in, dry-cell batteries supply the required electricity and compressed air so that the suction device can be used immediately by simply attaching it to an indoor crane or any other suitable mount.

Vacuum lifter

Battery-powered vacuum lifter for cordless indoor use

A powerful vacuum pump generates a reliable operating vacuum, and a vacuum meter and indicator lamp signal that the required vacuum level has been reached. The single-circuit Akkufix A device is designed for the indoor handling of glass panes and windows weighing up to 500 kg without power connection lines.



  • Design with welded aluminium construction
  • Two built-in, zero-maintenance, dry-cell batteries for power supply
  • Battery charge displayed via voltmeter Vacuum pump with vacuum regulation
  • Charger with automatic charge current regulation and connection cable included in scope of delivery

Functional description

To use the Akkufix, simply suspend it from the crane hook, swivel arm, or lightweight crane system and connect the compressed air. It will be ready for user-friendly operation immediately. Simply press a button to generate a vacuum that will attach the suction cups to the glass for lifting, holding in position, or transporting.