HEGLA Shop-Floor Assistant app

The glass industry of the future will be fully networked and digitalised. Alongside digital support for employees, it will provide quick insight into machine capacity and the current position of a specific pane. Many of these options may be used today, but different production areas, software, and systems from a variety of providers make the transfer into one digital concept a complex matter. With the Shop-Floor Assistant app, HEGLA New Technology has closed these gaps, helping to reduce process and sideline activity times. The app features diverse functions and adapts to all existing workflows. For example, use it to identify a piece of glass, request glass transport with a click, or centrally organise maintenance and service tasks with the Maintenance department.

Automation and interconnection as a component of production process optimisation

Whether it’s glass storage, loading, cutting, breaking, handling leftover panes, sorting or transferring glass, especially in the case of complex production lines, the processes between processing stations play a key role in ensuring continuous and precisely-timed glass flow.

All machines and systems offered by HEGLA are designed as coordinated system components. This means, for example, that with internal control of the cutting plant you can conveniently and automatically call up the panes from the warehouse and stage them in precise synch with the production cycle. We work with you to design concepts such as the ReMaster offcut system that reduce manual handling and waste costs, and also sustainably improve processes. To maximize your success, our machines and systems have open interfaces to all standard optimisation and control software programmes so that you can select the software you prefer (e.g., HEGLA-HANIC). Take advantage of our many years of experience with process interconnection and automation. We will be happy to discuss your company-specific options.

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