Used machinery on offer by customers or directly from HEGLA

Here you can find our current selection of used machines like a used glass conveyor or a usedglass cutting table on offer by HEGLA and/or our customers for integration into your cutting line. As a supplier and manufacturer of all kinds of glass machines, HEGLA's second-hand machines offer you an affordable option for suiting your needs and they satisfy our high standards. Take advantage of the opportunity to buy the machine you need and improve your existing installations now.

HEGLA - customers offers:

Vaccum Lifting Device VHG GBM 300 - NEW / unused

Vacuum lifting device for use in an indoor crane

incl. storage and transport trolley

Condition: Factory new

Type: Compressed air version

Glass size: 3.210 x 2.550 mm

Load capacity: 300 kg

Manufacturer: HEGLA

Year of construction: 2017

Price: on request

Contact person: Mr. Weise | E-mail

Tel.: +49 52 73 905 137

Harp Racks Type F 56

Harp Racks Type F 56

56 compartments

compartment width: 13 mm

Loading height: 1.400 mm

Depth: 1,960 mm

Loading capacity: 2.000 kg

Manufacturer: HEGLA

Year of build: 2012

Price: on request

Contact person: Mr. Weise | E-mail

Tel.: +49 52 73 9 05 137

Loading and unloading fork

Type LG 3.0 GBM

For glass size: 3.210 x 2.250 mm

Manufacturer: HEGLA

Year of manufacture: 2013

Price: 2.000 €

Contact person: Mr. Stachel | E-mail

Tel.: +49 79 51 94 35 30

Feeding Table with cross drive

Feeding Table type ART 6133

with cross drive

Manufacturer: HEGLA

Year of build: 2014

Price: auf Anfrage

Contact person: Mr. Weise | E-mail

Tel.: +49 52 73 9 05 1 37

HEGLA - offers:

NEW | Glass transport - rack

X207 glass transport racks

Hot-dip galvanised, crane- and forklift-compatible, incl. 4 belt tensioning laths.


Length: 2200mm

Width: 900 mm

Loading height: 1950 mm

Platform: 260mm per side

For the special price of 800€ plus VAT.

Contact person: Mr. Stachel | E-mail

Tel.: +49 79 51 94 35 30

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