Used machinery on offer by customers or directly from HEGLA

Here you can find our current selection of used machines like a used glass conveyor or a usedglass cutting table on offer by HEGLA and/or our customers for integration into your cutting line. As a supplier and manufacturer of all kinds of glass machines, HEGLA's second-hand machines offer you an affordable option for suiting your needs and they satisfy our high standards. Take advantage of the opportunity to buy the machine you need and improve your existing installations now.

HEGLA - customers offers:

Automatic glass loader for IG-lines

- Docking statation for 4 harp racks
- Conveyor with adjustement for height and
- Shuttle
- Rotating conveyor
- without harp racks
- glass size min. 350 x 250 mm
- glass size max. 2.500 x 1.800 mm

Brand: HEGLA
Year of manufacture: 2017
Price: on request
Mr Weise | E-mail
Tel.: +49 (52 73) 9 05-1 37

Line solution LSG
Consisting of gantry feeder, tilting table, VSG cutting system, ReMaster, compact storage and storage racks

Available from January 2022

consisting of:

- Gantry System (year of construction 2010)                                     

- Tilting table ART 6133 (year of construction 2002)

- Tilting table ART 6133 (year of construction 2009)

- Laminated glass cutting machine Typ A 37 (year of construction 2005)

- Laminated glass cutting machine Typ A 46 (year of construction 2002)

- Laminated glass cutting machine Typ A 36 (year of construction 2006)

- ReMaster (year of construction 2011)

- Compact Storage 13 supports (year of construction 2010)

- Stillages

Brand: HEGLA 
Year of construction:  see above
Price: on request
Herr Weise | E-mail
Tel.: +49 (52 73) 9 05-1 37

Shape cutting machine for float glass

with linear drives and automaticaly
X-break out station
Glass size: 6.000 x 3.300 mm

Brand: HEGLA
Year of manufacture: 2007
Price: on request
Herr Zimmermann | E-mail
Tel.: +49 (0) 5273 / 905-139

Transport racks in galvanized version

Length: 4.600 mm
Loading height: 2.650 mm
Width: 800 mm
Loading depth: 200 mm

Brand: HEGLA 
Year of manufacture: 2013
Price: on request
Mr Weise | E-mail
Tel.: +49 (52 73) 9 05-1 37

Float glass cutting machine

now available

Type Optimax 6133 S with break out table

Brand: HEGLA 
Year of manufacture:  2003
Price: on request
Mr Weise | E-mail
Tel.: +49 (52 73) 9 05-1 37

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