We supply perfect glass cutting solutions and glass cutting machines

With our wide range of float glass cutting systems and glass cutting machines, here at HEGLA we can offer every one of our customers the perfect cutting solution to suit their needs. From high-volume industrial cutting with ultra-fast machining times, maximum cutting precisions and a fully automated cutting system like the Galactic Plus to semi-automatic systems with high cutting quality and servo-driven cutting bridges like the cutting table Rapidcut KT – whatever you need, we’ve got the right cutting system for you.

Top-quality consulting,
planning and implementation

There’s nothing that can’t be improved. Our staff are always striving to become better and ensure “quality in everything we do”. We see ourselves as a provider of quality products. Experienced engineers, technicians and specialists guarantee consistently high quality standards. Computer-aided production planning and management, efficient materials management, economic production processes and close collaboration with qualified suppliers are the pillars of our production company. The DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 certification (initial certification: Dec. 95) for our headquarters in Beverungen, western Germany, gives our customers the assurance they need that we can provide top-quality products and have a well thought-out organisational structure.

  • We offer solutions for every part of the glassworking process
  • We treat our customers as partners
  • Development of custom solutions to suit your individual needs
  • We believe in Industry 4.0 and provide custom software solutions