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40 years of HEGLA from toolmaking workshop to globally recognised specialist supplier

750 guests accepted the invitation of the Beverungen-based HEGLA Group to attend their 40th birthday celebrations in the Stadthalle in Beverungen. A further reason for celebration was that the anniversary year had been the most successful in the company’s history, with a turnover of 70 million. “This gave the Board of Directors even more reason to say thank you to employees and their partners by inviting them to share what was a resoundingly successful evening”, said Manfred Vollbracht, Managing Director. Several prominent personalities and supporters were also on the guest list.

HEGLA anniversary

Welcoming and congratulating by the Managing Director and Board Member Jochen H. Hesselbach

Managing Director and Board Member, Jochen H. Hesselbach, addressed those present and added his congratulations on the anniversary and the company’s success over the last forty years. His ceremonial address praised the particular role played by the company’s employees and expressed his confidence in the future of the company

Insights into the most eventful stages by Managing Director Manfred Vollbracht

Managing Director, Manfred Vollbracht, who was there when the company was initially founded, looked back over HEGLA’s history to give insights into the most eventful stages and milestones since the early days. From its beginnings in 1975 as a local company specialising in frame and vehicle modification and with only 15 employees, said Vollbracht,  HEGLA had developed into a globally recognised specialist manufacturer of specialised machinery for glass cutting, processing and sorting and now employs more than 550 staff.

Congratulation to Manfred Vollbracht, Managing Director for his 40-year commitment to the company

When Manfred Vollbracht had finished speaking, Directors Frank Schürmann and Jochen Hesselbach took advantage of the celebratory occasion to congratulate him on 40 years of commitment to the company.

Chair of the Advisory Board, Georg Hesselbach, thanked all employees in a personal speech

In the course of the evening the Chair of the Advisory Board, Georg Hesselbach, thanked all employees and spoke about how the business model for the Beverungen company had come about.  Even before the company was set up in October 1976, the idea had been growing of developing an independent glass transportation company from the technical and toolmaking workshop within Interpane. Georg Hesselbach and former Managing Partner, Siegfried Glaser, are the founders of HEGLA, whose name is made up of the first few letters of their surnames.

Entertaining evening with a colorful program

Jürgen Lutter compered the evening’s entertainment which included a brass band, a live band and a variety act. Carried along by the great atmosphere, the celebration went on into the small hours.

Managing Director, Bernhard Hötger, made a special presentation to the Beverungen headquarters

Managing Director, Bernhard Hötger, made a special presentation to the Beverungen headquarters. Since the fortieth anniversary celebration, visitors to HEGLA can see the company headquarters from some way away with its new rotating illuminated HEGLA sign on the tower of Plant 3.

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40 years HEGLA

Picture 1: On the occasion of the 40th Anniversary of HEGLA and in recognition of the most successful year in the company’s history, the employees are in the foreground.

40 years

Picture 2: In his very heartfelt speech, Chair of the Advisory Board, Georg Hesselbach, thanked all employees and gave them a glimpse of HEGLA’s history

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