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HEGLA honours long-standing employees

The good mood was clearly visible to the HEGLA managing directors Manfred Vollbracht and Bernhard Hötger when they were able to congratulate six employees on their 25th company anniversary during a small celebration. "These people have been a part of HEGLA for so long and have been committed to the success of the company with their work. A wonderful occasion to celebrate together and to appreciate the time we spent together", explained Manfred Vollbracht.

HEGLA Retirement

Reviewing the past years together

In a convivial atmosphere, the employees to be honoured, the two managing directors, the department heads and the works council reviewed the past years. 1990 was the year in which the jubilees Peter Böhmer, Thomas Dienert, Josef Leising, Martin Maßmann, Hans Nowak, Hubertus Schnückel and Kerstin Wicke had their first working day at HEGLA. In his speech, Manfred Vollbracht reminded of the fall of the Berlin Wall, the newly opened branch in the new German states and that HEGLA was still a company of regional importance. "You experienced the turning point boom with us, spent both very strenuous and very nice years with us and above all contributed with your work to the fact that we here in Beverungen were able to grow into an internationally active company", the managing director emphasised the performance of the seven employees.

"Whether Peter Böhmer for the international sales of our special machines, Thomas Dienert for the programming of our complex systems, Martin Maßmann, Hans Nowak and Hubertus Schnückel for the demanding production, Josef Leising for the mechanical engineering or Kerstin Wicke in our administration, each of you is important to us in your area and contributes to our success", Bernhard Hötger supported the opinion of his colleague.

HEGLA looks positively to the coming years

The future will bring new challenges and opportunities for HEGLA, according to Vollbracht and Hötger. "If you continue to use your many years of experience for us and we can maintain or improve our high product standard as the overall performance of all our employees, HEGLA can look to the coming years with optimism.

Thomas Dienert was unfortunately unable to attend the ceremony and was honoured a few days later. Bernhard Hötger thanked him for his commitment and wished him all the best for the future.

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HEGLA Retirement

(From top left) Kerstin Wicke, Hans Nowak, Josef Leising, Peter Böhmer, Martin Maßmann, Thomas Dienert, Hubertus Schnückel being personally congratulated by HEGLA Managing Directors Manfred Vollbracht and Bernhard Hötger.