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Marking and identification of windows and doors

The high-resolution laser marking from HEGLA boraident is machine-readable, making it ideal for the unique identification of window and door profiles.

Marquage laser lisible par machine pour les fenêtres et les portes

Diverse possibilities arise from laser marking

Once the marking has been lasered into the plastic, it becomes a unique identifier throughout the entire product life cycle. “The applications for this type of identi­fication are as diverse as they are complex,” said Dr Thomas Rainer, Head of Development at HEGLA boraident. Many companies consider it important to apply a proof of manufacturer in the first step of their process. For projects with several partners and in case of complaints, such markings make it easier to quickly determine who supplied and installed a particular window.

Visually appealing and functional

When logos are used for identification in addition to letters or numbers, the advanced laser technology developed by HEGLA boraident can make full use of its high speed and resolution. And when customers require a dynamically generated QR or data matrix code as well, the technology offers additional options for embedding the identification system in company operations. For example, a window or door can be identified, and its ID read out within seconds via hand scanner, a stationary scanner on the production line, or a mobile end device. Depending on the configuration of the existing software or the special HEGLA-Hanic app, users receive direct access to the production data, delivery date, planned parking position, and planned production steps.

Process optimisation in production, in shipping, or at the construction site

In addition to its most obvious use as a marking and unique identification technique, laser marking can also be more deeply integrated into customers’ individual workflows. Automated or manual scanning of all profiles at the processing stations opens the door to tracking functions and a target/actual comparison of production progress, for example. This capability gives heads of production more detailed insight into their production processes and enables them to prioritise rush orders or adjust the production sequence at any time. Saving the data accordingly also creates a comprehensive basis for further optimisation. “Even in shipping and logistics, laser marking offers clear benefits,” emphasised HEGLA boraident’s Head of Development. “For example, the marking can store the location and delivery tour, create a delivery slip via scanning, or confirm delivery at the construction site – also with a scan.”

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Individual marking for windows and doors