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Large-scale formats organised compactly: navigate city traffic easily

Time pressure, narrow streets and no suitable parking space in sight: especially for service and courier vehicles, the smallest vehicle class among the transporters can offer the best solution.

Combo seitlich mit Reffmaßen 2.050 mm

While the most-used vans with a total weight of up to 3.5 tonnes require time searching for a parking space, the Caddy, Transit Connect or Combo have an advantage. “In inner cities, the greater manoeuvrability, familiar dimensions and better view make the transport logistics easier,” said Managing Director Marc-Alexander Stachel of HEGLA Fahrzeugbau. “For firms with many customers in city centres or offer fast delivery services, a compact delivery vehicle can be an attractive addition.”

When things get tight: height-adjustable and folding

They are frequently underestimated, but small vehicles with glass-industry vehicle equipment offer a high level of functionality that is absolutely comparable to that of larger vans. In the basic version with an exterior rack, the vehicle can be loaded ergonomically: set up at body height and without entering the interior. Depending on the vehicle type, a loading position for heavy and extra-large formats up to 180 cm and longer is available. The loading height can be utilised up to 245 cm. Padded slat bars secure the goods professionally in just a few steps. The lashing rail provided as standard can be used for extra security.

And for 100% flexibility, Marc-Alexander Stachel recommends a conversion with the optional car park rack. The attachment specially developed for city traffic is height adjustable and can be reduced to vehicle height. To ensure that the delivery vehicle fits through the most narrow alleys and into the smallest parking spaces, the horizontal support folds to reduce the width to a minimum.

Transport with care inside the vehicle

If an additional support position for goods is required or particularly fragile windows, mirrors or decorative plates are regularly transported, an interior rack can be mounted in the rear of the vehicle. Fitters place the load on the rack outside the vehicle and smoothly slide it inside.

To make a good first impression on customers, the expert from HEGLA Fahrzeugbau recommends a tool cabinet system: “All materials are sorted there and secured during the trip. Even alternating teams will find everything they need easily and with ready access, and the interior always looks presentable,” added Stachel.

Easily detachable in a few steps

If the exterior rack is not needed for a longer time, it can be removed in a few minutes. This is practical for private trips, or when changing tyres or thoroughly washing the bodywork, for example. Further, the detachable rack can be used on any delivery vehicle for maximum flexibility.

“To fully utilise the loading options, we work closely with vehicle manufacturers when developing our attachments,” explained the managing director. “To ensure that everything suits their needs and those of the vehicle, we always recommend a personal consultation prior to the conversion to an industry vehicle.”

HEGLA Fahrzeugbau is Germany’s market leader for transport attachments for glass, windows and structural elements. Vehicles can be converted at the Satteldorf, Beverungen or Kretzschau locations, as the customer prefers.

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Combo seitlich mit Reffmaßen 2.050 mm

A city van with detachable HEGLA exterior racks and goods carriers offers enough space for the load and its compact size makes it ideal for city traffic.

Renault Trafic seitlich mit Reffmaßen Höhe 1.980 mm

Height-adjustable and folding: Thanks to the optimised rack, car parks and small parking spaces become welcome parking options

Citytransporter mit Innenreff

The pull-out interior rack enables the easy, ergonomic loading of IGUs and windows. They are transported with particular care inside the vehicle.

Toyota kleiner Lieferwagen seitlich mit Reff

Frequently underestimated: The small delivery vehicle for the professional transport of glass and windows