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Language certificate rewards leisure time commitment

Twelve pupils at the secondary school in Beverungen in North Rhine-Westphalia step up to participate in the telc European language certificate. For the fifth time, the local adult education centre and the school combined to provide the additional programme for further language qualification. As a means of keeping participation costs to a minimum, the programme once again attracted the locally-based HEGLA company as financial sponsor.


Promotion of their skills in English languages with final examination

Over a period of several weeks, the teenagers attended the course in their leisure time. The course was specially designed to promote their proficiency in listening to, speaking, reading, and writing English. The focus was on the practical benefits: the goal was to improve their communication in everyday situations. To certify their efforts, which were not part of their regular curriculum, the participants had to take an exam at the end of the course. They were tested according to defined European standards of proficiency, and as a result, their achievements are officially recognised, and not only by the Human Resources department at HEGLA.

Praise and congratulations for the students of the secondary school participating in the language certificate telc

The extra commitment has paid off for the pupils of the secondary school in Beverungen. They all passed the test with flying colours and received their certificates. As part of a closing event, proud school director Klaus Oppermann praised the performance of the young people, the commitment of their teacher, Ingrid Finkelmeier, and the excellent cooperation with the adult education centre. HEGLA Managing Director Bernhard Hötger was visibly impressed by the pupils’ hard work and congratulated them on their certificates. “Being proficient in foreign languages and open to learn will be increasingly important in the future. International markets, Europe, and rising interconnectivity provide ever more opportunities to come into contact with non-German speakers. This will raise the standards required for everybody who wants to be part of this diverse exchange,” said Mr Hötger.

HEGLA supports the commitment of young people financially

As one of the region’s major employers, he indicated that HEGLA was happy to provide financial support for the efforts of the teenagers. In future, the company from Beverungen plans to support such projects again.

List of names that have successfully received their telc certificate

The following pupils successfully completed the telc certificate:

Derksen, Celine
Gertzen, Lukas
Gieffers, Kevin
Hüske, Melina
Langer, Finja
Latifi, Gresa
Nolte, Georgina
Ott, Laura
Peter, Nina
Vössing, Marcel
Wieners, Ann-Kathrin
Wieners, Carolin


Image: Twelve proud pupils with their telc course certificates. Congratulations from: Teacher Ingrid Finkelmeier and HEGLA Managing Director Bernhard Hötger


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