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Glasstec: HEGLA puts the spotlight on added value and use of resources

Improving efficiency, saving resources and creating added value – at Glasstec 2024, the HEGLA Group is focusing on solutions that are designed to unlock the full potential of existing products.

Fotocollage of Glasstec HEGLA Group Düsseldorf products

The numerous exhibits being demonstrated live include several technological innovations, which, for example, upgrade standard glass into bird protection glass for added value.


Sorting insulated glass: a continuous sequence

“With our new system for sorting insulated glass, we have established a continuous method for handing over insulated units from the production line to the shipping team in the required order,” explains HEGLA Managing Director Bernhard Hötger. Manufacturers have always needed to work from large formats to small during production to ensure that everything could be stacked properly on their racks – until now, that is. The automated interim storage of insulated glass panes dissolve this strict dependency between production and shipping. To achieve this, up to four units are transferred to a transfer plate and stored in a drying tower. This attains the same high quality as the composite edging, allowing the individual panes within an order and their successors to be compiled. Once a batch is finally ready, the automatic or manual handover of the shipping racks can be initiated in the correct order. “Decoupling the process also opens the door for further optimisation,” emphasises Bernhard Hötger. “For example, we can cut out tooling times when changing the gas or the sealing mass, depending on which insulation line we’re working on.”

Dividing insulated glass for a more sustainable use of resources

The IG2Pieces, which will debut at this year’s show, casts a spotlight on sustainable glass handling. After automatically identifying their structure, dimensions and potential coatings, the system separates the panes of insulated glass into their component parts. “We wanted the pans and spacers to remain undamaged in terms of quality for all their different applications,” explains Managing Director Dr. Heinrich Ostendarp, who is in charge of Technology and Development. Once the insulation unit has been separated out, it opens up a number of possibilities. Single-type disposal promises higher purchase prices than mixed containers. And there are benefits to the environment, too: in keeping with the circular economy, the glass is returned to the float tray, sustainably reducing CO2 emissions. Individual panes with no defects can be reused, e.g. for trimming into smaller formats or for other applications (e.g. shelves). 

Depending on the format and structure of the insulated glass, it might also make sense to use it to repair freshly produced units. For externally supplied panes, for example (expensive composite glass, printing or premium coatings), reworking saves on both lead times and additional costs. “Our automatic separation system increases the efficiency of a process that has, until now, depended greatly on the talent and speed of our workers,” says Dr. Heinrich Ostendarp.

Added value: sustainable bird protection

The HEGLA boraident premises are now home to the new BIRDFriend mobile. This portable solution enables you to enhance your windows and facades with a bird protection pattern, even after installation. The laser printing process transfers ceramic particles from a transfer strip directly onto the surface of the glass. This creates a uniform geometry of dots that is barely visible to the human eye. However, birds will register it as an obstacle that they simply cannot overlook. To ensure maximum protection, even when the sun is in an unfavourable position and reflecting strongly, the print is applied to the outside of the glass (Position 1). The pattern works in three ways: the distance between the spots indicates to birds that this is an area they cannot fly through. The pattern also breaks up otherwise deceptively realistic reflections of trees, while the change in the way the light is reflected and broken up acts as an additional warning signal. This protects nature while also sustainably removing the need to replace existing panes of glass.

New ERP system: greater data transparency, more add-ons

The first of our clients are now already using the new HEGLA-HANIC ERP. And at Glasstec, we will be able to offer a demonstrative glimpse into this software for the first time. “This new concept is a huge step for us and goes far beyond the scope of normal updates and changes,” emphasises HEGLA-HANIC Managing Director Dr. Jan Schäpers. “The new system combines the strengths of our existing software with the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.” Operators will find themselves working with familiar interfaces, while the software works on all devices and can even be scaled across different fields and locations. Dynamics AppSource also offers a range of additional apps for extra functions, such as defined interfaces for the full integration of Excel, Outlook and other Office 365 tools.

The HEGLA Group will also run live demonstrations of other systems at its booth, including the ReMaster, the ProLam LSR cutting system for laminated safety glass, and a float glass trimming unit with a vertical remnant system of the kind that is common in North America. HEGLA will also be exhibiting its overhauled vacuum lifters from Kretzschau for Glasstec visitors to peruse and pore over.

“We’re looking forward to Glasstec and the big reunion in Düsseldorf,” says HEGLA Managing Director Bernhardt Hötger. “The number of interesting discussions, the variety of innovations on show and the unique atmosphere always make this trade fair a unique experience.”

You can find HEGLA, HEGLA Kretzschau (vacuum lifting equipment), HEGLA boraident and HEGLA-HANIC in Hall 16, at Booth A60.

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Insulating glass sorting with drying tower

The insulated glass sorting cycle: first, the insulated glass panes are compiled and dried in the storage area. Once a batch is ready, it is prepared for shipping in precise time with the cycle and in the correct order.

HEGLA IG2Pieces Isolierglastrennen

With IG2Pieces, HEGLA offers a solution for separating insulated glass that can save CO2 and generate added value. The single-type separation process opens the door to a circular economy.

IG2Pieces Isolierglastrennen HEGLA

The automated separation of insulated glass makes a process that was previously carried out manually more economical and productive.

Bird protection glass

With opaque or semi-transparent dots on side 1, the treated glass provides maximum protection against bird strikes. The process was tested by the American Bird Conservancy (ABC) using a range of coatings and glass structures.

Bird protection pattern in laser print at position 1

Bird protection pattern in laser print at position 1: threefold protection for birds and pleasing aesthetics for people


The new ERP combines the strengths of HEGLA-HANIC’s existing software with the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Operators will find themselves working with familiar interfaces, while the software is compatible with any device and can be scaled.

HEGLA-HANIC Softwarelösungen

Dynamics AppSource also offers a range of additional apps for extra functions, such as defined interfaces for the full integration of Excel, Outlook and other Office 365 tools into the new HEGLA-HANIC ERP for glass.