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Fensterbau Frontale: People in focus

At the Fensterbau Frontale trade fair in Nuremberg, people are the focus for HEGLA and HEGLA boraident. The companies are presenting solutions at their booth that make work easier for employees, provide a high level of safety, and improve efficiency.

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Transport glass and windows safely

To represent the options for converting a vehicle into a glass-industry vehicle, HEGLA is exhibiting a Renault Master. An exterior rack alone promises benefits: fitters can ergonomically set the glass, window or structural element down on the rack without having to enter the interior or lift the load accordingly. Anti-slip, solid rubber profiles protect the surfaces of the load and enable professional transport. The load is secured by height-adjustable slat bars that save time. If even more support is required, the two lashing rails (standard equipment) provide greater security.

If additional rack positions are necessary for multiple orders, for example, HEGLA recommends a conversion with an interior rack with a folding horizontal support. If the load is particularly sensitive to damage, it will be protected against damage from stones and rain there. And when the loading position is no longer needed, the horizontal support can be folded upwards to free up the maximum width of the loading space. To make a good first impression on glass customers, Marc-Alexander Stachel from HEGLA Fahrzeugbau recommends a tool cabinet system: “Everything has its place in the system; the delivery van is tidy, and even alternating teams know that all materials are safely stowed away and easy to find.”

For Fensterbau Frontale, HEGLA is offering a limited edition: ready-to-ship Renault Masters equipped for the glass-industry at a special price. And in line with the football event, an event rack that can be removed from the vehicle and, with the supplied holder, used as a mobile shooting goal is also on offer.

Robust, intuitive lifting technology for glass and windows

Despite the general progress, manual handling is still part of the everyday routine in glass companies. “To ensure a high level of safety, vacuum devices must have intuitive controls and be robust,” said Holger Brechtelsbauer from HEGLA in Kretzschau. “We cannot change the weight and material properties of glass, which is why we must create conditions that support human employees and provide them with the necessary protective mechanisms.” At Fensterbau Frontale, a pillar-guided device in the Isofix series that achieves high motion safety in all processes, thus relieving employees, will be exhibited. The individual suction devices are ejector-controlled and maintain the vacuum, even if not all positions are in use. If, despite the highest level of quality, low-maintenance technology and professional handling, the emergency situation of a pressure drop does occur, the devices are safeguarded such that enough time to set down the glass or window remains. Further, HEGLA is also showing the advanced devices in the Hubfix series, which feature pneumatic interlocking of rotational movement to simplify operation.

Profile diversity and direct access in long goods storage

Both profile diversity and the number of different customer requirements are growing. The compact storage system for long goods from HEGLA can help here in two ways: first, the individual types have a tidy storage space that provides direct access. Second, the system saves storage area, which in turn is available for either more profiles or other tasks. The long goods pallets are kept ready in space-saving cantilever arm shelves on rails, which are arranged next to each other without any gaps. A gap for handling does not open until a pallet needs to be removed or stored. “With this system, storage capacity increases by up to 50 percent,” explained Florian Laue from the HEGLA centre of excellence for long lengths. “It enables time-saving access to all material without re-stacking, and even makes front removal possible.”

Product tracking and production control with laser marking

With laser marking from HEGLA boraident, doors and windows are now digital! Once the high-resolution marking is applied to the profile, the profile can be clearly identified at any time. Via scan, employees can access production data, track properties or generate a re-order in production, in shipping, or at the construction site, for example. Depending on scanner integration into the production process, extensive integration that enables triggering processing steps, tracking them and more is possible. “A clear marking with a QR or data matrix code creates a permanent connection between the profile and digital information,” said Dr Thomas Rainer from HEGLA boraident. “From writing the delivery slip via scan and acknowledging delivery on site, to documentation of who supplied the structural element for large-scale projects: many digital applications are possible.”

Greater value creation with laser finishing to create bird protection glass and RF-transparent glass

The specialist from Halle/Saale has a second major theme at the trade fair. The company offers different systems and lines for laser finishing with which single panes or finished IGUs can be subsequently upgraded with an additional function. Thanks to coating transformation or printing, it is possible to create bird protection glass, RF-transparent glass or, for example, a heatable pane. “Our customers benefit from the option to finish standard products without retooling time for a batch size of one, and create more value in the process. The competition for customers and market share is heating up, and we have created a product benefit here that generates higher income and makes companies flexible,” said Thomas Rainer.

“We look forward to Fensterbau Frontale and the gathering of the glass industry there,” added Managing Director Bernhard Hötger of the HEGLA Group. “With our focus on the people in companies, we want to send an important signal and honour their work.” The trade fair in Nuremberg is also a key place for exchanging information on trends, visions and the future of the glass industry.

You will find HEGLA in Hall 3a, Booth 103.

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Renault Master Fensterbau Frontale edition

Just the basic equipment with an exterior rack makes the work routine easier: the load is set down on supports at body height and secured in a wink with slat bars.

vacuum lifter isofix

The pillar-guided lifting device Isofix supports employees when they handle glass and windows with guided movement and load support.

Long-length storage system pvcu

To save space, long-length pallets are stored next to each other. A picking aisle is not moved until material removal. Alternatively, it is possible to remove single rods at the front.

window frame laser marking boraident

With laser marking, doors and windows are now digital! Once the high-resolution marking is on the profile, it can be clearly identified at any time and thus also enables data access

Functions HEGLA boraident laserbird

Thanks to coating transformation via laser or surface-protection laser printing, panes or IGUs can be refined to become bird protection glass, RF-transparent glass or heatable glass, for example.