HEGLA celebrates long-standing current and retired former employees

“In today’s fast-paced times, people rarely work for the same company for decades. It is therefore extremely important to us that this year, we are again able to celebrate numerous colleagues who have worked for us for many years,” explains HEGLA COO Bernhard Hötger. Together, nine employees had worked for HEGLA for an impressive 241 years in 2018. During a small celebration with the Works Council and the department heads, the management thanked the employees in person for their constant dedication and long-term loyalty.

HEGLA celebration

Shared dedication over many years from 1993 until today

At the sociable get-together, everyone looked back fondly over their past with the company. COO Bernhard Hötger took the audience on a journey into the past with photographs and briefly outlined everyone’s individual careers. Head designer Christian Rotermund, the head of technical sales Stefan Reuter, service technician Mike Sieber and vehicle body designer Dietmar Kleine have already been with HEGLA since 1993. Michaela Spitzer, industrial business management assistant and Works Council member at HEGLA GmbH & Co. KG Wartung und Service, and paint and operating technician Reinhard Vogt also celebrated their 25th employee anniversary. Elmar Hartmann, the engineering assembly manager, celebrated 40 years with the company.

Team spirit and dedication for a successful future.

“The company has changed considerably since you joined us – it has grown from a regional supplier into an international high-tech company. HEGLA was able to achieve this above all thanks to its skilled and dedicated employees, like yourselves,” emphasised COO Bernhard Hötger. He also highlighted the employees’ wide range of experience and the team spirit within the company. “By combining the extensive experience of our managers and employees with input from more recent arrivals, HEGLA can tackle any future challenges in the market and look to the future with confidence. We are therefore looking forward to continuing this successful and expert cooperation in future.”

Sadness as colleagues enter retirement

Although everyone was in a celebratory mood, the occasion was also tinged with a little sadness. Head of the body paint shop Bernd Stromberg joined the company 39 years ago, on 10 September 1979, and has therefore been with HEGLA since the company’s early days. Werner Hartung worked in the final electronics assembly department for twelve years. COO Bernhard Hötger said his goodbyes to Bernd Stromberg, who attended the event. “We would like to thank you for the many years of loyalty you have shown HEGLA. Whenever someone leaves the company to go into well-deserved retirement, we are not only losing their expertise and wide range of experience but also someone who has been a valued and much appreciated colleague for many years.”  
Unfortunately, newly retired Werner Hartung was unable to attend the celebration. HEGLA would like to wish him all the best for the future and is grateful for his contribution over the last twelve years.


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