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Compact storage for long-length materials

Production processes are typically the first place companies think about when considering cost-saving potential and they often don’t look further. But a long-length storage system that is perfectly harmonised with the processes can help to increase any company’s flexibility and reduce costs.

Manual and cross travelling long-length compact storage system

The storage capacity is increased

A long-length storage system can increase the available storage capacity without taking up any additional space. The space that becomes free can be used for other tasks or expanding the production area. It is also possible to use the area for the storage of other common materials and profiles. For rush orders in particular, this can be a competitive advantage because it significantly increases the short-term capacity to act. The required materials are available immediately and do not have to be ordered before being delivered. Customers do not have to wait as long – a time saving that, in the best case, can have a positive effect on customer satisfaction. And the additional storage space also offers positive options for materials purchasing. In cases where bulk prices can be obtained by ordering larger amounts of material, such a storage system makes a direct contribution to reduced costs.

HEGLA in Kretzschau specializes in long goods storage

The HEGLA centre of excellence in Kretzschau has specialised in space-saving compact storage systems for long goods. The storage systems are also developed and produced there. An individual, integrated concept is developed to harmonise with the customer's production processes and storage space. “Every compact storage system is different, just as every customer is. It is important to find the solution that fits exactly and can be perfectly integrated into the customer’s production processes,” said Mark Stoschek from HEGLA.

The range of systems on offer begins with manually adjustable storage systems for small to medium storage needs to a motor-driven system for all tasks in which it is advantageous to move the shelves using an automated solution. With up to 15 tonnes of loading capacity per shelf, the storage systems can be used anywhere.

All bearings are positioned next to each other to save space. Only when loading and unloading is there a gap to be filled

All of the concepts, however, have one principle in common:
the individual shelves are placed side by side to save space. The shelf is not moved to create an opening that enables access to the stored material until it is time to load or unload. This saves space and makes optimum use of the storage space. The material is arranged in an orderly manner on the shelves, which provide direct access. Time-consuming restacking is no longer necessary, nor is the search for the required profiles. In the long goods storage system, everything has an assigned location and all employees can access it at any time.

Even without a handling opening, the material is available at working height in the storage locations. The laterally open design of the cantilever arm modules means that materials can be removed directly from the front.

With special accessories, long-goods storage can be adapted even further to the customer’s processes. The compartment dividers can be moved to divide the storage compartments up for smaller amounts of material. To make it easier to access the storage locations with a hall crane or Telehub, push-on loading and unloading aides can be used to extend the cantilever arms.


Special features:

  • Concept de systèmes pour produits semi-finis de tous matériaux, parcloses, armatures en acier, entretoises et petit bois jusqu’à 6,50 m,

  • Jusqu’à 50 % de surface supplémentaire par rapport aux solutions conventionnelles grâce aux galets roulants et à l’espace de desserte mobile,

  • Une plus grande productivité grâce à un accès plus rapide,

  • Aucun déplacement de matériaux nécessaire,

  • Prélèvement direct des barres possible,

  • Combinaison de plusieurs versions de rayonnages à bars portant réalisable,

  • Capacité de stockage augmentée grâce à une utilisation optimale de l’espace du stock, en hauteur comme en largeur,

  • Accès individuel à chaque emplacement de stockage,

  • Intégration au plus près de la production,

  • Adaptation optimale aux conditions structurelles et aux processus de production,

  • Extensible grâce à sa conception modulaire,

  • Gestion claire des stocks pour éviter les pénuries de matériaux

More information:

Industriering 5
06712 Kretzschau

Mark Stoschek, +49 (0) 21 31 / 7 39 77 72

Hendrik Boche, +49 (0) 3 44 25 / 5 01-13

Hans-Peter Löhner, +49 (0) 79 51 / 94 35-30

Image 1: Manual and cross travelling long-length compact storage system. The individual shelves can be filled up to a load capacity of 15 tonnes.

Image 2: The shelves are next to each other to save space. An opening is not created until loading and unloading begin.

Image 3: Clearly arranged storage of window profiles, reinforcements, and accessories. There are also solutions for the combined storage of different materials.